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“Joram is a spectacular writer; his memoir is not only skillfully and elegantly composed, but honest, insightful and poignant. Joram’s achievement encompasses reflections on creativity in both art and science, giving and accepting feedback and criticism, the qualities of leadership, and most of all, the joy and fulfillment of living one’s own life on one’s own terms.”

Excerpt from cello virtuoso Jeffrey Solow’s review on of The Speed of Dark, Joram’s memoir,  and, Mr. Blok, a novel by Joram’s dad, cellist Gregor Piatigorsky


How Optimistic Are You?

Meet Mr. Mellows. His a man of great success, strong opinions and bold decisions. But who is he really? A young reporter sets out to find out the answer with a surprising result.

I hope you enjoy reading “The Optimist“, which recently won  the Adelaide Literary Award for best short story. The story appears in The Open Door and Other Tales of Love and Yearning, my first collection of short stories.

You can read it online using the navigation below or download the PDF.

— Joram

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Cover of Adelaide's Short Story Anthology

Off the Shelf

Readers’ questions at book readings and on social media inspired this new video series, Off the Shelf. In this series I answer “off the cuff” to your questions.

You might expect that as an author I often hear some of the questions featured in Off the Shelf. For example, questions like, “How did you learn to write fiction?” and “Do you have a writing routine?”.

On the other hand, some questions may take you by surprise, as they did me. For instance, “Did you read to your children?” and “Who’s your favorite superhero?”, which brought a smile of surprise.

Above all, I am delighted to have a chance to interact with my readers, book lovers, and people who are just plain curious. … I’ve received new questions, and will be recording answers soon.

Q&A: Do you have a favorite Inuit art piece in your collection?
Q&A: What do you think about gnomes?
Q&A: Which superpower would you choose: invisibility or flight?
Q&A: What book are you reading now?
Q&A: Who is your favorite superhero?
Q&A: What book are you reading now?

Photo of Off the Shelf With Joram Piatigorsky